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I will be CLOSED for Vacation July 18- 29.  Business will resume Monday, July 30.

I will be anxious to share my adventures with you all!


Location Update:


1300 N. 7 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64014

Is Now the Fulltime Home for Bodeelogic Massage & Wellness. I am excited to be in this new environment and working with the staff at BS Fitness.  I appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our work together here in Blue Springs!

Bodeelogic Massage & Wellness is a medical and sports massage focused company that also delivers holistic therapies to help you  restore, rejuvenate and re-center yourself.  It is owned and operated solely by Ms. Diane 'Dee' Steffee, CLMT, CMMP.

Whether you are experiencing an injury, recovering from surgery, have chronic pain, stressed from life and work, are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or somewhere in between, Bodeelogic Massage can get you back to work, back to competition or just back to quality life and help keep you there.

              LIFE + PURPOSE + CREATE = BODY + MIND + SPIRIT           



NEW SERVICE: LightForce FXi Deep Tissue Cold Laser System

Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, option for individuals suffering from both acute and chronic pain. Treatments are fast, safe, and painless. Most patients see/feel results in 3 to 5 treatment sessions and the treatments have a therapeutic effect continuing for up to 18 hours after the treatment. Laser treatments can be combined with massage as well for increased relaxation and recovery benefits.



The greatest compliment for me is for my clients to send referrals to me.  For every referral you send to Bodeelogic Massage & Wellness, they will receive $10 off their first session and YOU receive $10 off your next session.  If you prefer, allow your referral rewards to add up for a FREE session. YOU decide. ( Sorry, not to be combined with discounted packages or other specials)

IF you, your team, group or club is looking for a quality sports massage technique that will improve recovery time, reduce the risk of injury, aid in performance, quality and intensity,  call for a demonstration. 816-665-2045

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